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Sunday, June 25, 2000

Our tax dollars at work

Talking about Gestapo....
What a bunch of cowardly bastards! These guys represent us? To protect and to serve?! And these aren't just California cops; it seems to be the standard cop mentality in the U.S. -"I'm a cop and you're a measly civilian!" .

And we're paying these guys!?

This is just fucking disgusting, I don't want my tax dollars paying these guys' salaries! I don't want them wearing any uniform with an American flag on it!
These guys make the Gestapo look good!

Bottom line:
Even the Gestapo didn't need Tasers!!!

This Texan gestapo bastard tasers an unarmed 72 year old woman.
I don't care what anyone says; there is absolutely no way you can justify this cop's actions.

This cop is a fucker and he needs to be fired....nay prosecuted!

These guys are playing trigger happy cowboys with us as the Indians/guinea pigs!

What did these assholes do before there were tasers?

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