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If George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin & Co. were alive today; they would definitely shoot these bastards!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Evolution of the United States in 5 Easy Lessons

  1. Fought Duells
    • "Killed" the Banks
  2. Neo-Communist Social Engineer
    • Wealth Transfer Specialist
    • "Warburg's Boy"
      • "We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest."
  3. Catholic NRA member
  4. Lawyer
    • Sold MIRV technology to China
    • Made lying in office acceptable
  5. Lawyer
    • Signed the NDAA 
    • Continued ALL of predecessor's policies 
    • Dismantled the U.S. constitution
    • Pays debt by incurring more debt on top of debt
    • Kills people cowardly by remote control - "long distance sniper"

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