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Monday, June 8, 2009

Alan Cranston

The biggest neo-communist of California. Thank god this crusty old rip-off artist is dead!

From Wiki:
Cranston, a supporter of world government, attended the 1945 conference that led to the Dublin Declaration, and became president of the World Federalist Association in 1948.[4] He successfully pushed for his state's legislature to pass the 1949 World Federalist California Resolution, calling on Congress to amend the Constitution to allow U.S. participation in a federal world government.

It's not just that Cranston was a big-brother, big-governmant neo-communist asshole, it's also that he was an "Über-Paternalist". 
You are not capable of making decisions - therefore we're going to have to "dial down" the democracy and make them for you. Only I can represent you , don't worry - it's better for you in the end.
While he's pushing this holier than thou attitude, he's fucking the country with his buddy Keating, and laughing all the way to the bank......

I don't want to mention Sierra Club- I think that will be another post or blog alltogether...

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