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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ted Kennedy - the Alpha Dem

I'm tired of all these ass kissing eulogies!

How about the truth(?):

He was a lying sack of shit.

Once again proof that image and your family's status is everything.

A paramount example of nepotism.

Never mind that his criminal activities a la Chappaquiddick make George Bush's coke sniffing look like child's play; he was a downright lier.

A perfect example of his lying was his Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.
This had a huge and profound effect on America. When he was pushing for it - he argued that it would not change the face of America - yea, there would be no demographic effects whatsoever.
And guess what? That's exactly what it did. Some prominent experts even argue that this "opening of the gates" enabled Obama to become president!

Slick Willy (see Bill Clinton post below) took lessons from this guy.

Being a liberal however does not automatically make you a "biggest bastard".

No...this guy was evil on a level which transcends left and right.
For example; He was one of the very first politicians to push for a mandatory universal ID card. But not just an ordinary ID card - but a chip implanted under your skin! And all, of course, "for your own good".
Yes! Believe it or don't, and please do the research to prove me wrong.

In the name of safety, this highly revered politician was ready to take away all of our responsibilities and freedoms - and replace them with big government.

The Democrats affectionately refer to him as the "Lion of Liberalism"
Well Dem's , if you want this guy as your figurehead go right ahead.

Democrat - Ted Kennedy - Hypocrisy - sleaze = one in the same!

The absolute personification of Big Brother -


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