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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carbon Czar Al Goreshit - definitely the biggest bastard right now!

This guy is just the biggest hypocrite to ever hit the political scene. He is truly beyond compare. A perfect example of the "untouchable" Lib-dem; 2x2=5. 

Here is a great blog about him from the Unliberaled woman!
Follow the money:

Awesome! This is the most amazing and perfectly eloquent argument I have seen against the Carbon Czar bastard(s)! Please spread this around as much as possible! It's applicable to EVERYONE, not just Australians.

There is only one thing more disgusting than Al Goreshit, and that's Julia Gillard. This disgusting lying red-headed  system of death is forcing her will on Australia with bullshit science. Oh yes- science IS a belief system, and the politicians are choosing to believe the groups of scientists which are going to make them the most money.

The carbon tax is the most blatant proof that the politicians are in the pockets of the big bankers. Julia Gillard is a redheaded devil. Taking the lead from Clinton, politicians lie straight to your face now and say "f***you! what are you gonna do about it?!"
I hope the world wakes up to these lying bastards and run them out of office as soon as possible.

British Airways' twist on the SCAM

Basically what they are saying is "you can be as dirty as you want as long as you pay us". At least at British Airways the carbon offset is still voluntary when you purchase a ticket - for now. 
They offer an interesting FAQ for what happens to your money when it goes to a carbon offset. 
Basically the money you pay (if still not being forced/taxed out of it) will go into a "carbon portfolio". 
These portfolios are managed by........yup- big bankers like Lehmann and other bastards that couldn't give a shit about the environment. But that's not the point, the point is that these portfolios contain various programs which are supposed to "offset carbon". So if you're lucky, a sliver of that money will go to planting a tree somewhere, thousands of miles away from where you are now "producing" carbon. Can you believe this?!!? That's how you "offset" carbon, plant a tree somewhere, and simultaneously spew carbon in the atmosphere. 
 So in the end, the whole carbon scam is nothing but a nice new HUGE set of poker chips that the politicians and big bankers get to play with and make money for themselves all behind the impenetrable shield of "Environment" and fueled by our fears of the unknown. How petty and base.
Nothing but a mafia protection money racket - and we're being forced to pay it!


Keypoints of the "Carbon Casino":
  • Big Polluters
    • And just who will define who is a big polluter or not?
  • Emission Trading Scheme (Scam)
    • Just how exactly do you trade "emissions"? Really now, do they think we are that stupid?
    • Just another perfect example of Newspeak today! 2+2=5!
  • No Cap
    • The true mass and dimensions of this are being held secret or undefined on purpose of course. The amount of chips in the carbon casino must always be VARIABLE - so that only the big bankers and politician will understand what's really going on. While they offer us more intangible concepts and ideals of prosperity,safety, security etc. they're playing poker in the backrooms with our money!
    • I wonder if this is what Nixon had in mind in 1971 when he took the dollar off of the gold standard. Keep it VARIABLE so your banker buddies can do what they want!
  • Incomprehensible Derivatives
    • As usual, we are being promised intangible concepts for our hard earned money.
    • Reminiscent of the way the politicians pushed for the EU- a strong Economy and all sorts of lofty goals were passed on as real facts. In the meantime buying power was totally destroyed - overnight!
  • Global Banking Cartel
    • Merril Lynch
    • Goldmann Sachs
    • JP Morgan
    • The World Bank
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Citigroup
  • Tax Bracket Creep
    • This is what really happens once the politicians get what they want and their policies kick in. It's irreversable of course, that is, until the next crash...
  • The costs paid by "big polluters" will be passed through to the prices of the goods you buy(!)
    • Quote from the video - she actually says this with a straight face - as her selling point!!!
    • And this is supposed to be a good thing?
  • Wealth Transfer to International Bankers
    • It's very simple, just watch the money. Watch it go from your wallet - directly into theirs.
  • Blood and Gore  
  • Pseudo-Science 
  • IPCC - University of East Anglia
  • One World Government
  • United Nations Agenda 21
    • The UN - Big Brother's legal arm and his newest weapon - Agenda 21!
  • International Speculators - ratchet it up or down at will to punish nations, companies, individuals
    • The carbon tax is subject to the same mysterious nebulous forces which the stock market is and which only the big bankers propose to have sufficient knowledge about.
  • Weapon against other nations
  • Embedded in every facet of our life
    • It's a one way street folks. Once a tax like this gets passed - it's over!
      • FIGHT IT NOW!

I really can't say enough about this scam!
But let's put the scientific, or better said the non-scientific arguments aside and assume the global warming paranoia is true.

The "solutions" being offered are NOT solutions at all!

There will not be one single MEASURABLE impact on the environment (nevermind co2 ppm etc. in the air)!
So once again a permanent tax is being passed which will simply just rob people.
There are no checks or quality gates are there?
There are no milestones?
There are no MEASURABLE criteria that have to be passed are there?
There is no emergency brake is there?
If in 5 years there is no measurable impact on the environment - are there measures to AUTOMATICALLY repeal the tax?
The answers are obvious.
I am not even in Australia, what I hate is what's happening here.
The carbon tax is wrong on all levels.
No matter where you go in the world- what's happening is a new penalty tax is being established solely on bad psychology.
"Oh, look! We have a problem, let's make a new tax!"
That simply doesn't do anything.
The people who are making a difference, already are... without any new taxes.
Look at all the manufacturers from Airbus, Boeing, Ford, etc. that are making cleaner more efficient vehicles WITHOUT raising taxes.
The modus-operandi of the politicians is all wrong.
They simply see a new angle to get a new tax in and make themselves more money.
I would like to see these politicians held accountable for their actions.
If they cannot prove that their carbon scam has actually made a REAL difference in the next 10 years, then they should have to pay the taxpayers back every penny WITH compounded interest.
After all, the tax is going into portfolios managed by the most capable people in the world right?
At least that's what they're saying and that's how they're selling it to us.
So if in about 10 years there is no meaningful impact - it should be no problem to pay the money back right?
We should be able to laugh about that last question, problem is- they're doing it with our money- our livelihood.
Not a laughing matter.


Quoted from Peter Glover (linked above):
“People can choose not to believe in man-made climate change—but the correct term here is ‚‘belief—believing is an act of faith” says Kaufmann, “whereas science is a testing of hypotheses and seeing whether they hold up against real world data.” For Kaufmann, it seems merely adding one new theory to—as Black delineates them in his article—others is providing a scientific “answer”. Alternative hypotheses should, it seems, in Kaufmann-Black world, be viewed as anti-science “unbelief”. Perverse, no? According to my math—and it’s not bad—one theory plus alternative theories add up to a bundle of mere theories, not to conclusive empirical science. Why then take some much time to demonize alternative theories, views and opinion? Unless, of course, the only actual empirical evidence that point to a particularly glaring alternative hypothesis: that the absence of temperature rise suggests the CO2 causative link is looking increasingly ‚‘unscientific’. Don’t be afraid of what you see.

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