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Monday, August 6, 2012

German Communist Nazis - Petra Pau

Or is that Nazi-communists?
The interesting thing about German politicians is the absolute paradox under which they live.
They are the living breathing example of George Orwell’s “Double Think”:
  • They choose the same symbology as the Nazis
    • Even the same colors
  • They choose the same methods as the Nazis
  • They conduct witch-hunts and persecute people for their beliefs
    • Just like Adolf
  • Oh and last but not least, their “hero” is a hardcore - anti-semite
If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a’s a duck, right?
And yet...they propose to be against the Nazis.
It is amazing howthe  "anti-faschist left” , “communist” and “green” politicians persue people with any kind of “Right thinking” - Rechtsgedankengut - with Nazi efficiency.

Just to have “Rechts gedankengut” is a crime in Germany.
This in simple terms is the same as THOUGHT POLICE

So what is “Rechts”? – just about anything and everything.
You are "guilty" of being “rechts” if:
  • If you believe in self-defense
  • If you believe in yourself
  • If you believe in your country
  • If you are proud of yourself
  • If you are proud to be German
  • If you are blond... 
    • seriously- think about it- if a black guy wears an SS uniform for Halloween, it's funny, people laugh and nothing happens. If a white guy wears an SS uniform, especially a blond white guy ... you know what happens...
So basically, they are the thought police with Nazi methods and German efficiency –

By any book or definition – I would say they are the biggest Nazis.

Yet they propose to be “fair”.
“Fair” seems to be the biggest misnomer of the century.
If you want to understand the communists you only need to look at their mission statement - it reads like "the Whiney Bitch Manifesto":
  • It’s not “fair” that you have more X than me
  • It’s not “fair” that you are prettier than me
  • It’s not “fair” that you are successful
  • It’s not “fair” that your car is bigger than mine
  • It’s not “fair” that you are smarter than me
  • It’s not “fair” that you could be better at something than me...
  • It’s not “fair” that you could be better than me in any way at all...
So now we have the ultimate example of this Nazi-communist phenomena:
Petra Pau - the Absolute denial of self and womanhood 

She is leading the witch-hunt against Nadja Drygalla – of the German Olympic Rowing team – because – now get this....her boyfriend was (yes past tense) in the “Right wing” scene!

She has never been “guilty” of being right/rechts, but her boyfriend was – indeed he was a party member - but not anymore.

Guilty of being blond
 That is of course enough for Petra Pau – the champion of freedom and morals in the perverted weltanschauung existing between her ears- to come down on Mrs.Drygalla with hell’s fury.

“It is not acceptable” – she says – “that the German olympic committee knew of her right wing involvement before they sent her to the olympics.”

She wants heads to role and Ms. Drygalla to be expelled from the team.

It is bad enough that communism is accepted in Germany – funny too- because Stalin’s 20+ million dead don’t count – only Hitler’s dead count.

In Germany, the left is automatically right – no matter what they do.

You may not challenge the left, if you do you will be deposed and criminalized with Nazi efficiency.

In today's Germany this is called “tolerance” and “meinungsfreiheit” – freedom of speech.

Oh that’s right... communism is sexy 
and this...uh.............. “woman”(?)
 is the perfect example! 

It seems that the Gulags and targeted killings of Jews by Russian Pogroms are OK in Petra Pau’s and other German neo-communist-nazi’s eyes.

Indeed – Mrs.Pau was already a politician during the DDR – Communist era Germany.

When Communism collapsed in the 90’s – all of the communist politicians in East Germany simply joined another West German party – usually the left leaning SPD or, as in Pau’s case the PDS.
All fronts for communists.

Well not really fronts, since there is no reason to hide your communism in Germany.

Like previously said, it is OK to worship communist dictators and murderers , just not “right” or rechts – dictators and murderers.

But this is the Dichotomy that the Germans have been living under for the last 60+ years.

Everything is OK as long as you are “left”
Here is Joschka Fischer (with helmet on) – the ex-leader of the greens beating a policeman with a club, just after throwing molotov cocktails.

Yes- no joke.

He is considered one of the best politicians in Germany.
Can you imagine what would have happened to him if he was “rechts”!?
Or had a girlfriend who was(past tense) in the right wing scene!?
No, no, no, instead he is lionized and he is still seen as a great politician in Germany.

Can you imagine this?
Sounds kind of like America doesn’t it?

As long as you’re in the right (or more correctly “left”) party you can do whatever you want.

You are untouchable.

In Psychology 101 we learn that the first and foremost prerequisite to positive mental health is positive self-esteem.
It is no secret and you do not have to be a brain surgeon to understand this.

However, Germany has been persecuting and penalizing anyone and anything that even comes near a positive self image.

Patriotism and being proud of oneself – two interlocking things – is not legal in Germany.
A positive self-image is undeniably connected to the country and society you belong to.

The German government and institutions think that you can separate the two and at the same time come up with a positive country and national image and a happy people.

They are in total self-denial.

Denial of self.

Dear Germany,
It’s OK to be German,
“Gedankengut” cannot be policed .
You are just doing more harm than good by persecuting “fake” nazis.
Stop the witch-hunt in your schools and institutions.
Accept your past as the past and get on with it.
The rest of the world loves the Nazis – begreif that fact – it is indicative of the paradox – schlechthin.
Until the day the politicians leave the people alone,
and they can say – “yeah I’m German and proud of it” – to no ill effect...
A positive self identity will only be the prize of the radical right.

And you stupid assed politicians still don’t fucking understand that!
Go back to school!
Psychology 101

Petra Pau - the most disgusting neo-nazi-kommunist hure in politics – the German Diane Feinstein!

Pertinent to all communism is a phenomena known as “Selbsthass” or “Self-hatred” in English.

See for example the pic above of Petra Pau "Kommunismus ist Sexy";
at the bottom of the pic you can see "ScheiƟ auf Deutschland" - literally "shit on Germany".

The “father” of communism is yet another perfect example of this – Karl Marx.
Karl Marx was Jewish – however, he hated the Jews.
He hated them so much he dedicated himself to writing an entire book about it;
“On the Jewish Question” – “Zur Judenfrage” – which astoundingly reads like a himmelschreiendes foaming-at-the-mouth diatribe from Adolf Hitler himself.
Only glitch there; Marx was born much earlier than Hitler and wrote his anti-semitic diatribe fourty years before Hitler was even born!
This self-hate creeps into every aspect of life for the communist.
Since a communist hates himself, he cannot bear to see other people excel.
Instead of trying himself to excel, fueled by self-hatred the communist concludes that he has no chance, and instead endevors to “even the field”.
“If you can’t beat them – pull them down to your level”

Communism will forever remain the system of choice of losers – powerhungry jealous losers.

This mental illness known as self-hatred is strangely common in the entire western world - but nowhere is it so extremely manifested as in Germany, especially in the Green party of Germany.
The greens – as far as I’m concerned- are nothing but communists of a different color.

If you want to understand them;  their mission statement is just a little variation of the communist mission statement:
· I hate myself
· I hate my country
· I hate mankind
· Humans are the problem
· The world would be a better place without humans

In Germany there is no such thing as a right wing, or conservative party.
In Germany there is only Left and farther Left.

I know you may be asking “what does this have to do with the biggest bastards in America”?
Well I just couldn’t resist this one – maybe I will have to make a separate section – “biggest bastards europe” etc.
But the lessons of communism are still pertinent – especially for America , right now, which is transforming into a “transfer state”.


  1. Please take a close look at the facts:
    NaZi and National Sozialism ist not the same.
    NaZi = National Zionism
    NS = National Sozialism

    The NaZi are the Elites. European King Families and Top Manager of Commerce an Banks

    NS is the Ideologic of new society and being used by elites as a tool for their agenda
    Therfore National Socialism is socialism is socialism at all

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