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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have finally figured it out,
I'm a "Rational" and what I cannot stand the most are "Idealists".
Yea, they truly make me sick – people who can rationalize bad ideas, marginalize evil deeds and contort reality according to their dreamy aspirations.

An idealist doesn't care about a viable solution or if a project is realistic or not , "we gotta do something!",
So "something" is done ... and later on the others can figure out how it's going to actually be done or paid for, invariably the taxpayer has to enable this idealistic crap.
Marxism, Leninism and basically all brands of socialism are perfect examples of what happens when misguided Idealist are allowed to have their way.
For this reason alone Idealists should not be allowed anywhere near a leadership position, a position of power or anywhere near decision making roles.

They should not be allowed to vote either, because for them 2+2 can equal five depending on their point of view.
And their point of view is erratically variable of course, depending on what side they are on and if they are winning or losing the argument.

This obviously doesn't work anywhere where math, reason, and truth or logic are important:
·       Financial systems
·       Government
·       Engineering,science, math etc.
·       Basically everywhere where results matter

Good jobs for an Idealist are:
·       Folk singer
·       Actor
·       McDonald's Culinary Specialist
·       Artist
·       Dreamer
·       Janitor
·       Career Waiter/Waitress
·       Career student
·       Curator of the Karl Marx museum library in London
·       Ex-communist
·       Progressive elitist
·       DDR wall builders

The leitsatz of the Artisan
"Let's do it"
"Let's light this candle"
"You just gotta pick up the telephone"

The leitsatz of the Guardian
"We are a team"
"What are we doing today?"
"What actually serves our best interest?"

The leitsatz of the Rational:
"The truth is not variable"
"The truth cannot be interpreted nor does it need to be"

The leitsatz of the Idealist:
"Well we gotta do something!"
"Well the money has to come from somewhere!"
"What about the children!?"
"2+2=4 ... who cares?"
"2+2 can equal five depending on your point of view"
"Would you like ketchup with your fries?"

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
– says the Rational to the Idealist who hears not, as he ponders whether to take the Prius or the 70's VW bus down that road...

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