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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rock Star Syndrome - Cult of Personality

The funniest picture this year!

I have lost all respect for anyone that supports Obama - especially this time around.
Doing something over and over again and expecting different results is called stupidity.
No denying it - it's just plain and simple. Don't gotta be a brain surgeon to figure that one out.
But if that's not bad enough, it's the principles that make it so bad - or better said the absolute lack thereof.
A man elected to invoke the super buzzword "change" has:
Reinstated, re-signed into law, continued every single policy and law of his adversary (Bush).
That is, by logic, he supports every policy of Bush, therefore he is like Bush.
How can someone with any inkling of principles still support this guy? He is in effect the same person they propose to hate.
And by Logic 101, if you do everything again, that is also definitely not "change".
So again Zero principles.
But if that isn't bad enough - he adds to the bad policies instead of revoking them.
NDAA anyone?
Kill Lists?
More DHS,
More TSA
Drone strikes?
More wars?
More debt?
More Race and Class based warfare anyone?
How does that fit into the "proposed" Democratic Ideal Catalogue?
Well I'll tell you - it only fits if you have absolutely zero principles whatsoever.
Now don't get me wrong - I am in no way supporting that slimeball Romney.
I am only saying that Barack Bush is just as big of a slime ball and I am always shocked to see the most respected people in our academia and "higher" education institutions that support this guy!
Especially the scientists, who propose to love math, critical thinking and logic.
Now these are the people that we think are intelligent, and have principles, I would expect to see these people more than any voting for outsiders and 3rd party candidates.
But instead they fall into this b.s. cognitive bias trap of voting by "chance" and who has the biggest "chance" and when that fails they simply vote for their emotional favorite - the exact opposite of science, logic and critical thinking.
Now that's bad, but what is really bad and criminal is that these same people from the academic elite RATIONALIZE the criminal behaviour of their chosen candidate.
This is absolutely criminal and it enables them to murder.
Yes murder - not exaggerated.
And now I am going to invoke Godwin's law because this "mindset" is exactly what enabled the worst dictators in the past, from Adolf Hitler to Stalin.
This "mindset" of rationalizing peoples criminal activity just because you like them is criminal - it empowers them to murder more.

Motivated reasoning:

This dictator is good
That dictator is bad
My guy is good
Your guy is bad
This murderer is OK
That murderer is not
Your guy is a terrorist
My guy is a freedom fighter
Your guy is an evil robber
My guy is just "leveling the field"

Did you know that Adolf was elected democratically?
He was so popular, like Clinton, like Obama,
That the people would refuse to believe any negative criticism of him.
Whenever I talk to friends who support Obama,
and ask them do you support kill lists and murdering people with remote controlled drones,
They say "yeah but the president doesn't make all those choices" or "Yeah but his hand is forced" , "yeah but once you get up to that level you have to do what the others say"
All rationalizations!
This is pitiful disgraceful abhorrent behaviour! Shameful truth dodging lies!
To vote for Obama the first time - yeah Ok, we bought it.
To vote for Obama the second time - ARE YOU FRIGGIN' BLIND, OR STUPID OR BOTH?

This election is definitely the time for all of the academic elite to get together and assemble their minions and to use the write in option on the ballot. It's just a question of who do we write in - mickey mouse? Bullwinkle? Donald Duck? They would all make better presidents than Barack Bush or Shitt Romney. (oops! how did that "s" get in there?)

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