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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Climate Skeptics Win, Climate Alarmists Lose, and the Environment Loses

Well the results are in and it's official.
The Global Warming Alarmists have finally, finally shown themselves for what they are - a bunch of money grubbing neo-communist global governance jealous little bastards.
I want to make one thing clear, I am a skeptic of the alarmists' political agenda, not the scientific data.
If the scientists have proven a 1°C rise in the last ten years, I accept that, if they prove a decline I accept that, if they prove the medieval warm period was more drastic than this one - I accept that too. But I have never accepted a bunch of pretentious self-righteous eco-nazis who dance around one "holy parameter" known as carbon and at the same time ostracize and witch hunt anyone who doesn't believe.

 Especially when it is my tangible money that is going to pay for their intangible solution!

So as I have said in many posts before, we have a group of spastic neo-communist and eco-nazi-nuts screaming about the environment- but in the end, all they really want is money.

And now it is naked and out in the open for all to see.

Witness the climate conference in Doha Qatar.
It has broken down into a bunch of international lawywers now worried about "how are they gonna get their money".

"A TRANSFER mechanism must be put in place" - 
after this request the U.S. promptly left the talks along with other super powers.

It seems the climate agenda was never really about improving the climate or reducing pollution, it was always a global governance scam.
Why else would Al Gore and his cronies at Goldmann-Sachs make up a fake critieria known as "Carbon Credit" and try to push this to the rest of the world?

Now we see the smaller states - well noted among them are states that pollute more per capita than the rest of the world - suing for COMPENSATION.

Witness the global international community literally fuck themselves....

It was never about the environment, it was always about money.
"to mobilize a fund of $100bn annually"(!!!)
Thank you Doha and all you climate alarmists - you have finally played your hand and lost.

In the words of Lord Monckton "It's off the table - it's dead".

Yup! "Climate" and "Global Warming" are dead now.

In the meantime any hopes for actually doing something about pollution just went out the window.
They bet everything on one card.

Einstein said if he had 1 hour to save the world, he would use 55 minutes on defining the problem and 5 minutes on the solution.

As I have said before, if they would have defined it as "Hey world, let's pollute less" - nobody would have had a problem with that.

Instead you got a bunch of new world order assholes like Al Gore making deals with international banksters and thinking up new carbon credit and offset schemes that only a banker could love and profit from - and only the workers and middle class could SUFFER from and... well the results are obvious:
Loss and damage - first articulated at the 2012 conference and in part based on the agreement that was signed at the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun. It introduces the principle that countries vulnerable to the effects of climate change may be financially compensated in future by countries that fail to curb their carbon emissions.

Conference outcomes:

The Conference produced a package of documents collectively titled The Doha Climate Gateway over objections from Russia and other countries at the session.[8] The documents collectively contained:
An eight year extension of the Kyoto Protocol until 2020 limited in scope to only 15% of the global carbon dioxide emissions due to the lack of participation of Canada, Japan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, New Zealand and the United States and due to the fact that developing countries like China (the world's largest emitter), India and Brazil are not subject to any emissions reductions under the Kyoto Protocol.[9]
Language on loss and damage, formalized for the first time in the conference documents.
The conference made little progress towards the funding of the Green Climate Fund. [the plan to transfer 100 billion dollars to target countries]
Russia, Belarus and Ukraine objected at the end of the session, as they have a right to under the session's rules. In closing the conference, the President said that he would note these objections in his final report.

Others like Martin Khor of the South Center, an association of developing nations saw a more positive outcome, specifically regarding the Loss and Damage Mechanism:
"It is a breakthrough...The term Loss and Damage is in the text — this is a huge step in principle. Next comes the fight for cash."

Jennifer Morgan of the World Resources Institute told NPR about the Loss and Damage Mechanism that:
"This basically would set up a liability structure about who is liable for climate change...And while I think that's a very important question for people to answer, I don't think the world is ready for that yet."

Regarding the path to the $100 billion in Green Climate Fund financing, Jennifer Morgan told NPR the following:
"there's no bridge, no pathway between now and the $100 billion one of the real crunch issues here, which I think will determine whether we will get out of the building with an agreement or not, is whether developed countries are ready to at least say that they're going to match what they've been providing thus far."

Behold yet another global transfer scheme of the internation communist union:

"Oh we wanna save the environment dude ... just gimme my money first!"
"We'll stop polluting if you give us money, can't turn that knob till cash flows kamrad!"

China is exempt,
Remember in the 1990's when the USA were so evil for not ratifying Kyoto?
First Clinton and then Bush said the same damned thing – What kind of a solution is that if the biggest up and coming polluters are exempt?!
Of course Clinton never was admonished – but Bush was of course the personification of evil, even though he only continued Clinton's policy towards Kyoto.

The Canadians are the only smart ones:
The failure to achieve meaningful progress and reach effective-CO2 reducing-policy treaties among the parties over the past eighteen years have driven some countries like the United States to never ratify the UNFCCC's largest body of work — the Kyoto Protocol, in large part because the treaty didn't cover developing countries who now include the largest CO2 emitters. It has also led Canada to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol out of a desire to not force its citizens to pay penalties that would result in wealth transfers out of Canada. Canada formally withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol in 2011.[17] Both the US and Canada are looking at Voluntary Emissions Reduction schemes that they can implement internally to curb carbon dioxide emissions outside of the Kyoto Protocol.

In 2010, Japan stated that it will not sign up to a second Kyoto term, because it would impose restrictions on it not faced by its main economic competitors, China, India and Indonesia.[20] A similar indication was given by the Prime Minister of New Zealand in November 2012.[21] These defections place additional pressures on the UNFCCC process that is seen by some as cumbersome and expensive: in the UK alone the climate change department has taken over 3,000 flights in two years at a cost of over ₤1,300,000 (British Pounds).

Statement by Japanese Masahiko Horie
"Only developed countries are legally bound by the Kyoto protocol and their emissions are only 26% [of global emissions]. If we continue the same, only one quarter of the world is legally bound and three quarters of countries are not bound at all."

Admitting their models are FLAWED and that they are hyping up fear:
United Nations and UNEP: methane thawing from permafrost
The United Nations gave a strong warning on the threat to the climate from methane in the thawing permafrost. This has not yet been included in models of the future climate. Permafrost contain 1,700 gigatonnes of carbon – twice the amount currently in the atmosphere. When it thaws, it could push global warming past one of the key "tipping points" that scientists believe could lead to runaway climate change. UNEP called IPCC to provide governments with the most up-to-date knowledge in the next IPCC reports next year.[27]

You just can't win with these assholes – first they close all the nuclear powerplants they can, then when you burn more coal – they don't want that either!
Proof that these idiots are out of touch with reality – if they think their pretty windturbines and solar cells can even come close to the megawatts provided by coal and nuclear powerplants.
Lauri Myllyvirta from Greenpeace Nordic states that the key reason we are heading for 4°C of warming is coal burning. Massive expansion in the use of coal has caused more than two thirds of the increase in global CO2 emissions in recent years. Also the World Bank made plea for governments to avoid 4°C Warmer World. No new coal plants were constructed in Europe after 2007, but 1,200 coal plants are now being planned elsewhere: they can be stopped.

Even the wikipedia article admits to GLOBAL GOVERNANCE

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