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Monday, July 1, 2013

Abandon All Rationality

There has been a landmark decision in the supreme court, effectively ruling the DOMA as unconstitutional. Let’s reflect on that a bit... the DOMA, the Defense Of Marriage Act which defined marriage clearly as being between one man and one woman. In 1996 the DOMA was signed into law by Bill Clinton. This leads us to at least three wonderful logical juxtapositions, or better said ‘impossibilities’:
  1. This means that in 1996 an unconstitutional Act was passed:
    1. How can this happen? If it is unconstitutional NOW it was unconstitutional THEN...right? Or has our supreme court changed somehow between now and then (hint; yes!)?
    2. Why is congress passing unconstitutional laws?
    3. If this is really so, is Congress capable at all of judging what is constitutional anymore?
    4. Is the constitution being abused as a tool to control the people? See the 18th  amendment - PROHIBITION please.
  2. The DOMA was signed into law by the Über democrat BILL CLINTON
    1. Why is Bill Clinton passing unconstitutional laws?
    2. If Bill Clinton is such a great guy, why is he passing laws against his supposed base of supporters?
    3. If the Democrats are such champions of the LGBT community why is their ‘God’ doing such things? Or are they really not as ‘progressive’ as everyone thinks?
"I remain opposed to same-sex marriage. I believe marriage is an institution for the union of a man and a woman. This has been my long-standing position, and it is not being reviewed or reconsidered."[18]
-- Bill Clinton 1996

  1. If your leftist progressive friend retorts with motivated reasoning: “Well that wasn’t his idea, he was forced by the Republicans” etc. this implies he is not responsible for this Act.
    1. If he is not responsible for this Act then he is also not responsible for others e.g. The Contract With America which gave the US a balanced budget and a surplus:
      1. The Democrats are all too eager to give Clinton credit for this at every chance they get, even though it was 100% Newt Gingrich’s baby.

You can still hear it nowadays, your liberal friends bleating hysterically: “Clinton balanced the budget!!”

      1. The logic is not variable here, if he is not responsible for one he is not responsible for the other.

"raising this issue is divisive and unnecessary."[19]
-- Bill Clinton 1996

  1. Inversely, if the President is indeed responsible for what he signs and does have a choice (and is not ‘forced’ by the opposition) then how does that reflect on Obama?
    1. He signed the NDAA - indefinite detention.
    2. He is the first president with a ‘KILL LIST’.
    3. His official policy to fight terrorism is to cowardly snipe the terrorists from ultra long distance with predator drones, effectively killing more civilians than terrorists!
    4. But ... he also ‘got’ Osama.

“So you’re saying Obama and Clinton are only responsible for the good bills and not for the bad ones?”

Which one is it?
You can’t mix and match as you please - responsibility is not variable!
But (sigh) so they would have it, the progressive left. The same people who want a ‘living breathing constitution’ - which means a variable meaningless document which they can mix and match as they please to fit their argument and situation at hand (see first amendment versus second amendment).

All of this only means one thing:
Even worse, the left do not believe in America, for America was already defined for us by the founding fathers. If you don’t believe in the second amendment, yea, if you don’t believe in any of the first ten amendments, you don’t believe in America. Or do you think you are smarter than Thomas Jefferson and the others who put their life on the line for our new country?

Can you mix and match the ten commandments?

This is what we get for voting for the lesser of two evils every four years.
This is what we get for voting for evil for the past 20 plus years;
a government that does not represent the people, a government that destroys the constitution, a government full of evil lawyers who have so manipulated the law of the land and its language that there is no difference between right or wrong, innocent or guilty, or good and bad. Everything is variable nowadays, and the person with the best and or highest paid lawyer wins.

“A nation ruled by lawyers is inherently evil.”
--Thomas Jefferson

I like the following Leitsatz:
"Do you think it's normal for a man to have anal sex with another man? Do you think it's normal to sanctify that with a marriage license?"

Watch the expressions on their faces when you pose the above questions -- when they are still without words and stupefied say, "Yeah, I thought so."

America, what has become of you?

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