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Monday, September 16, 2013

John Kerry -- a New Category of Stupid

Isn’t it amazing?
Once you put some people in a nice suit, and give them a big fat check, or a budget from a Saudi oil billionaire, how fast they flip-flop?

Now, being a liberal isn’t enough to qualify them as a biggest bastard; what makes them a biggest bastard is the utmost hypocrisy, the stupidity, the audacity, and.... the evil intentions of these people, not to mention the masterful use of newspeak and doublespeak to sell WAR.

But the real topper, the unchallenged master of all masters, the ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE above the rest winner -- is now John Kerry. 

At his recent hearing in front of Congress, he tried to sell Obama’s war on Syria, “A strike would be unbelievably small” !!! Oh really? That’s like a rapist saying, “I want to rape you, but just a little bit!”

Just when you think the world ‘leaders’ can’t get any stupider — THEY DO!

It is beyond words, but ... it gets worse, because somebody had to vote for these imbeciles, right? Otherwise they wouldn't be in office, right? So what is lower than an imbecile? I think even Shakespeare would have a problem with this one. Shall we make a new category of stupid? A new addition to the English language? 

--1st order of magnitude
Rock Bottom Imbecile
Defies words
--2nd order
Obama Stupid
--3rd order 
Kerry Stupid

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