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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sheeple -- Product of America

Is this girl a sheeple?
We cannot tell from the photo,
hence the questions below:

Did you want to go to war 1 or 2 years ago against Syria?*
Were you protesting the Syrian government already, for the 'atrocities'?
Were you active at all in any kind of protest against the Syrian government?

Do you want to go to war now, or launch a pre-emptive belligerent strike against Syria?

If you answer NO to the first and YES to the second:
Congratulations! You are an emotional-naked-chimpanzee with GURU-SYNDROME!
You let yourself be lead around by the nose by your favorite 'charismatic' politician.
You had no problem with Syria one or two years ago when the 'atrocities' began, but now, because Obama wants a war — you want war also! And you are willing to do anything or say anything to rationalize his position and 'cover' for your man in Washington.
You are a sheep, or at best sheeple. You are officially too stupid to vote, please sit out the next elections.
You probably didn't even know where Syria was until Obama wanted to bomb it.
*This is the crux of the question. John McCaine wanted to strike Syria two years ago already, and he keeps repeating "If Obama would have done what he should have done two years ago, we wouldn't be here today..." [situation with Syria]

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