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Thursday, December 5, 2013

European Hypocrites

Welcome to the blame game:

  1. Spin the dial
  2. Demonize target group

You are a Nazi, you may pick up your NSDAP party badge from your Gauleiter at the door.
All feeble excuses like “That’s different!” and “I am not a Nazi!” will be met with a condescending “Of course you’re not comrade - that’s different” or “Of course you’re not - you’ve changed your names; now you are called communists/progressives/liberals” etc.

The point is; the mentality is the same.
In 1685 it was the illuminati, In 1785 it was the bankers, In 1805 it was the Rothschilds, in 1855 it was the Jewish bankers(Rothschilds), In 1933 it was the Jews, in 1945 it was the industrialists, in 1955 it was the communists(McCarthy), in 1965 it was the elite, in 1975 it was the capitalists, in 1985 it was corporations, in 1995 it was the rich corporations, in 2005 it was the bankers, in 2010 it was the 1% and the bankers,
notice something?
It’s all the same Nazi mentality!

The good old saying “When you point your finger at someone, 3 fingers are pointing back at you”.If you’re looking for problems, or a scapegoat for your problems, the problem IS you.
There’s a disgusting video going around ‘the nets’.
A young Adolf Hitler is run over by a brand new Mercedes.
Most Europeans and Germans laugh at this video.
They fail to recognize themselves in an SS uniform.
It is especially disgusting in Germany where the phrase “never again” is so ingrained and conditioned into the Germans from day 1.
One must remember that in 1933, the Nazis were the ruling party, and this very video was already made in various forms (e.g. Der Ewige Jude), but in their video the child that got run over was Jewish. Everyone laughed ...
Message: “It’s OK to kill children if they’re in the opposing party”
Same as 1933, just different day, different product, same mentality.
Nothing has changed...

I am confronted every day with Europeans and Germans who propose to hate the Nazis, and yet, they have the exact same mentality as the Nazis.
Could it be that they were the majority? That their mentality was 'normal'?
Could it be that the 'normal' mentality from back then is exactly the same 'normal' mentality of ours now? Is this mentality normal at all, a part of the human condition?
I refuse to accept this hypocrisy, I call it out whenever I see it.This does not make me a lot of friends, but I don't want liars and hypocrites as friends.
The Nazis are among us, they have just changed their names, that’s all.
It’s important for us to recognize this downright evil mentality among ALL parties and people, regardless of if they are in the ‘left’ SPD or ‘right’ CDU.
But the Euros and Germans refuse to do this. It would require too much thinking.
Instead it’s much easier to just fall back on the same old false tags of ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘conservative’, ‘nazi’, 'liberal' etc.
This reactionary policy requires no thinking whatsoever. And this is unfortunately all we have nowadays: reactionary politics. The Americans have a great name for this — “Knee jerk politics”.
Knee jerk politics is the politics of the naked ape (see Desmond Morris' book). I like to call it the 'emotional-naked-chimpanzee'.

I have watched how an entire continent called Europe has adored and blindly followed and supported their new idol — Obama. 
Blind allegiance, total adoration, absolute guru syndrome and rock star syndrome. It’s this kind of blind allegiance that produces the next Hitler. 
They said “Oh no, that’s different”, 
I told them Obama has a kill-list, “Oh no, that’s different”, 
I told them Obama supports Double-Tap, “Oh no, that’s different”, 
I told them Obama not only supports all of Bush’s policies, but has added onto them(!), that’s why Edward Snowden, a person who voted for Obama, felt compelled to blow the whistle — “Oh no, that’s different”.  
I told them that to laugh at that video of a car killing a young Adolf is the same as being a Nazi, it makes one as bad as the murderer, “Oh no, that’s different”, 
I asked them why is that different? 
When Adolf was a child, he was also innocent - you killed an innocent child in that video - “Oh no, that’s different”.

I hope to god, that these very people will say “Oh no, that’s different” to the modern Gestapo when they come to take them or their children away.

I hope to god, I am somewhere else at that time, in a really free country.

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