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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WTF, not this again! Why don't you guys live in a communist country before publishing this garbage? Losers!

This book is a masterpiece of statistical masturbation.
I mean really, do we need this *again*?
It is nothing but Das Kapital from Karl Marx with a twist, i.e. an updated version with statistics from the 21st century and an extensive review of those statistics. But otherwise NOTHING NEW here! So do yourself a favor, download Das Kapital for free from and save yourself the 20$!

"Some people are richer than others, that makes me feel jealous, I propose a global progressive tax to make things 'fairer' and even things out. Rich people suck because they make more money than I do."

Notice the framing:
Inequality is bad, it must be corrected.

Case in point:
Christian Felber recently published THE EXACT SAME book a couple of years ago, "Die Gemeinwohl ├ľkonomie". It is the exact same thing; he goes on about how income inequality is mean and evil and how there should be a global progressive tax to "correct" the income inequality. He goes on to propose a new Bank, with a new global money -- the "Globo".

So why is Pikkety's book a bestseller?
Because it is really easy to manipulate people's emotions. And when it comes to emotional manipulation, income inequality is the big one, right next to racism, discrimination and gun control.

Don't let all of the big names fool you, e.g. Paul Krugman raves about this book.

What this book really does is reveal the biases of all the reviewers. And that it does well.
Paul Krugman is a foaming at the mouth neo-communist Keynesian maniac. And of course he has a Nobel Prize, so that makes his foaming at the mouth better, right?

I prefer to live in a free society.
That means if I can get ahead and make a fortune for myself, then I will, and I don't want any jealous loser screaming "That's not fair!"

There is always going to be inequality, there is always going to be someone with more money than you. And that is going to put a spike in the graph.
It is NOT OK to try and eliminate that spike. It is NOT "fair" to steal money from other people and make things "fair" by distributing stolen money.

Progressive taxes penalize winners and award losers - that's just plain wrong.
That spike in the graph is supposed to be there -- it is indicative of a free society, especially when any class can move into that spike.
That is called "INCOME MOBILITY" and it is much, much, more important than income inequality.

It is of course intentional that income mobility is not mentioned in this book.

But this book was not written to give a full picture of the situation, it was written to amplify one statistic in the framework of communism and Marxist thinking in order play on your emotions. The typical modus operandi of despotism.

Inequality is a lie. I don't want everything to be equal, if that were the case we would be robots ... no thanks.

So if you wanna waste your 20 bucks and join the circle jerk of moron communists that still haven't woken up, go ahead and buy this book.

And remember the grandaddy of them all:
Robin Hood stole his taxes -back- from the King - he was the first(?) tax evader, NOT a communist redistributionist who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. It was about taxes man, NOT income inequality. And that too you can read FOR FREE at !

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