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Monday, December 8, 2014

Wolf Biermann - Hero - The German George Orwell

25 Years after the fall of the Wall, the German parliament celebrates German reunification on this historic day with a song from a seasoned dissident.

This video is a golden nugget of anti-communism.

It is also an excellent piece to study for any German language students.
Wolf Biermann was actually a member of the East German Socialist party during communist times and the iron curtain.  He worked hard and advanced in the ranks too. However, somewhere around the middle he became too "effective" and criticized the powers that be in East Germany. Wolf refused to compromise his principles and recognized the SED, the East German Socialist party, for what it was and still is; a despotic dictatorship bent on the destruction of free will and individual freedoms, with Nazi like efficiency and non-tolerance of opposing views. All of this under the ruse of "making the world a better place for all mankind" of course, as usual the communist BS ad nauseum.  Wolf and his colleagues were jailed and in a funny twist of fate, he was stripped of his East German Citizenship and EXPELLED to West Germany!

  The sweetest part of this video? He tells off the Left-Communist jerks in parliament.  This must be a very emotional conversation for him, remember he lived in East Germany and suffered along with other people under these very communists sitting now in the WEST German Bundestag (parliament)!

The best parts:
"Es ist für mich, strafe genug dass sie hier sitzen mussen..."
"For me, it's bad enough that they [the Left communists] have to be here..."

3:45 - being heckled by left-communist parliament member:
"..wollen, ihr wollt immer -- das weiss ich ja, aber ihr könnt nicht..."
"want to? You always want to [govern?], I know that, but you're not capable..."

"Ich weiss dass die, die sich 'Linke' nennen, nicht links sind, auch nicht rechts, sondern reaktionär...dass diejenigen die hier sitzen, der elende Rest dessen sind, was zum Glück überwunden ist..."
"I know that the ones who call themselves "left" are neither left, nor right, but just reactionary ... that the ones sitting here are the pitiful leftovers of that which we luckily overcame..."

"Natürlich ihr wollt lieber zersungen werden, ich habe euch zersungen mit den Liedern als ihr noch an der macht wart..."
"Of course you want to be 'sung to'[not translateable, very idiomatic in German], I 'sung to' you with these songs back then when you were still in power..."

"...Ich finde es wunderbar, dass dieses Lied aus der Gefängnisse der DDR, heute im Parliament der Deutschen Demokratie gesungen werden kann, ist das nicht toll?"
"...I think it's wonderful that this song from the jails of the DDR can be sung today in the parliament of German democracy, isn't that great?"

What's so interesting about this emotionally charged event?
Is it an old rebel who suffered under communism telling off a bunch of new and old communists in parliament? -- and telling them to stick it where the sun don't shine?
Is it Wolf Biermann calling the Left (Die Linke) "Drachenbrut", or "dragon's brood", which is supposedly a really hardcore insult in German?

I disagree, it's not enough.
If a group of neo-nazis were sitting there, they wouldn't even have been taken seriously.  Unfortunately new and old communists don't die, they are truly real ZOMBIES among us.  And every ten years a new wave of baby communists are hatched out of our universities to come to us with their "new" ideas!

See Christian Felber and his idea for a "new" one world government

I call it the "SOCIALIST PARADOX":
Rebellion is perpetually conflated with Socialism with Communism and Dictators in uniform, freedom with Gulags and one party centralized governments ruling with absolute power.
And it happens over and over again.
Wolf Biermann was born in 1936, so he remembers, he lived it.

These "type" of people and parties also come with the same message, "a better world for all of us" and ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION erect a centralized absolute power that takes away freedoms and jails dissenters with Stalinist-Hitlerian efficiency.

No, for me the most interesting part, is a man singing a song from the jails of a despotic fascist evil government, and at the same time, being watched by a bunch of neo-communist zombies, who look at him and listen, and knowingly want to resurrect the very thing he fought against.

"But this time we'll do it right!" -- they say.
Yeah right! How many times have we heard that?

Strange isn't it?

The way to hell is paved with good intentions.

Seems like some people just can't learn.

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