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Saturday, January 9, 2016

1st Biggest Bastards of the Year 2016 - Mayor Jim Kenney - Democrat (big surprise) and Angela Merkel

Boy this year is getting off to a good start!

MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS raped German, Belgian, and other European women on New Years Eve, they were SPURNED on by The German Suicidal Demagogue Angela Merkel who said that (this is my best interpretation from German newspeak): "Anyone who follows the people that would claim "german" for themselves, have a heart filled with cold and hatred."

In normal English: "If you don't like my decisions, fuck you, you are a bad person". This she did to counter the Germans who are pissed off at the wave of UNCONTROLLED immigration of muslims and terrorists into their country.

An all encompassing LINGUISTIC KILLSHOT - that silences anyone who wants to defend their country.

The biggest FUCK YOU I have ever seen a politician give to her people!!!

The ultimate irony of it all, is now that scores of women have been RAPED AND ASSAULTED - now she wants to crack down on crime!
Her suicidal immigration policies are the direct cause of the MUSLIM VIOLENCE in Germany on New Year's Eve!

The parallels in the world are shocking.

It's called "JIHAD" and several MUSLIM NATIONS have officially declared war on us -- the west. Duh! Don't have to be a brain surgeon to get it!

Remember that guy Obama Osama????

And now this...

A Muslim terrorist who has heard the message from American and German politicians like Merkel loudly and clearly, has acted on his "march orders from Merkel":

But that's not bad enough,

Directly after police captain James Clark reads the letter from the terrorist himself, in which he says "I dedicate myself to the NATION OF ISLAM -- THAT'S WHY I DID THIS."

The mayor of Philadelphia JIM KENNEY makes a speech about how this has nothing to do with Islam, muslims or terrorists. Can you believe that!!??

As a good democrat, he is using Obama's tactic of BLAMING THE GUNS!
Mayor Jim Kenney has definitely set a prededent for the year 2016,

He is the first Biggest Bastard of the year! Congratulations mayor!

"The muslim terrorists came to this country, planned an attack on our people, and killed our people, because of the guns here." -- Mayor Jim Kenney and Obama - take your pick.

Let's make a prediction:
The BIG news channels are going to cut out the parts about how the terrorist dedicated his deeds to ISLAM, and they are going to make it another WHITE COP KILLS BLACK MAN issue!

There will be riots and Obama will use it to crack down on those evil guns...

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