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Monday, April 4, 2016

Angela Merkel - Europe's #1 Biggest Bastard and the World's 1st Cat Lady

Angela Merkel starts this year with a big huge BÄNG!

First she incentivizes millions of refugees to swamp Europe.

Then she lets them in.

If that isn't dumb enough, the ISIS terrorists even said they were going to EXPLOIT this to infiltrate Europe and attack. Over 80% of the "refugees" are young able bodied men.
Regardless of the pictures you see in the SKEWED mainstream media of the poor women and children, 80% of the "refugees" are young, male, and already half-baked terrorists.
And exploit this they did, Paris, Belgium, why not Germany?! I suppose Germany is next, just a matter of time...

So basically Angela Merkel has metamorphosed to the biggest CAT-LADY in the world.

A weak pseudo-conservo-liberal that can't say NO.

She actually belongs to a "conservative" party in Germany, the CDU, but they are as conservative as Obama's left butt-cheak. 

Merkel actually FINANCIALLY supported Obama in his last 2 elections! How's that for a conservative!?

This makes her easy to blackmail. Better said, EMOTIONALLY BLACKMAILED.

All you gotta do is put a picture of a  poor little kid with big eyes in front of her and she'll let terrorists in your country -- easy as pie!

Because, as you know, the "refugees" are coming in totally unvetted, total uncontrolled mass immigration. 

She has even refused to defend the country she took an oath to defend.

When confronted with putting a fence around Germany (just like Hungary and Austria are doing) she flat out said "NO" it isn't happening. When asked if she would beef up the border patrol and help the police on the borders she said, "We'll make it." -- period.

Good stuff eh? Don't think Obama could have done it better.

If that isn't enough though, NOW THIS:

She has recently upheld the TV tax in Germany.

That is:
Information is a RIGHT in Germany, and since it is a right, the government has the right to tax you for it. -- and they do:

This amounts to €17.50 per month.

It was previously per person, now they have changed the law to PER HOUSEHOLD.

The big difference:
Before the new law, it was optional -- Now it is mandatory.

So before 2013 a lot of people did not pay their TV tax -- formerly known as "GEZ".

Simple: If you didn't have a TV, you didn't have to pay, it was optional.

Now it is mandatory, and it is bringing in MILLIONS per year in taxes a.k.a. stolen money.

Some people have resisted; and still refuse to pay.

She is now in Jail for not paying her TV tax.

Wow, talk about a "free" country!

You know what the funny thing is?

They hate being called Nazis!

It's as if they just changed the signs and names on the buildings, but the same institutions are still there, working away with that same efficiency of 1933...

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