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Monday, June 8, 2009

Diane Double Standard Feinstein

This neo-communist bit** carried on the "policies" and travesties of Czar Cranston and added a few of her own. I don't know who was bigger in the making of California into a Gestapo Police state - but Diane is running a close second to Cranston.

In 1990 I received a hand signed letter from her in which she personally APOLOGIZED to me (yes only me referenced in what otherwise appeared to be a machinelle letter) for putting me on her "list".
Turns out the federal government found out about this list and deemed it unconstitional AND a violation of my rights.
It was a list of people that she deemed dangerous. So if you had a P.O. box somewhere with a funny or just non-conservative name (like I did back then for my T-shirt business) you got put on her list as a potential nazi-terrorist-bad guy -whatever!?!?!?
Seems I was one of many who got this letter.
(I wonder how things are nowadays with Bush's patriot act?..........)

YES - I have a personal vendetta with this cun*. To be put on a black list by a "Democrat" who believes in gun control is the absolute epitome of double standards. Typical - to spew about democracy and freedom while putting people on lists and adopting the tactics of the Nazis.

This "woman" is an absolute disgrace to our founding fathers. It was precisely these types of "people" that they had to fight against to free our country from the Yoke of King George.

And our founding fathers labored and fought over the constitution and wrote it with the very intent of protecting the American people against these Feinsteins!

I ask you Americans:
- where the hell are we when these kind of  "people"  are at the helm!!!!!?

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