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If George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin & Co. were alive today; they would definitely shoot these bastards!

Monday, June 8, 2009

George Bush

Jesus Christ, where shall we start with this guy?!........
Patriot Act? Waterboarding? How 'bout let's fuck the U.S. citizens some more and shit all over the constitution!

All in the name of Allah of course!

However I must say something in defence of him:
With George you get what you pay for - an honest dumb cowboy.
And thanks to this, we have an unlimited treasure trove of entertainmant value; all at our fingertips in the form of Bushisms- look 'em up in Youtube+Google etc.

That's why he's ranked second (from my point of view) to Clinton.
There is no deceit going on here - he really believes what he says and does it too!
Clinton on the other hand comes to you as something of beauty.........and stabs you in the back later. Like said in the post above- the Adolf syndrome with Clinton makes the odds of doing real damage much higher. Whereas I do believe Bush does not have evil intentions to begin with - Clinton is the absolute personification of deceit and evil deeds - the "Alpha-Fucker"!

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