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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Barack Hussein Osama

I wanted to give this guy a fair chance.
I really did - given the circumstances with which he took over the presidency, a world of shit and the entire "international community" resting on his shoulders; he could just not win this in any way.
Even hating the democrats as much as I do, I try to give everyone a fair trial. Reagan, the republican god was also a democrat at first - then he moved over to the republicans (do not infer that I support republicans - they are bastards too).
But despite all my rationalizations and accusations - this banker owned demagogue is no longer defendable.

No, he is downright despicable and let me tell you why:

It wasn't enough to continue all of Bush's anti-constitutional policies.
Being a professor of constitutional law - seems like he only uses this knowledge to skirt the constitutional responsibilities he took as an oath upon becoming president.

It wasn't enough, that he got nominated for a Nobel peace prize after only 2 weeks of being in office.
But he had to go and accept it too.
Any normal man who just sent 20+ thousand troops to Afghanistan would have declined this award on basis of integrity.
Then he gave a speech in which some stupid Norwegian Princess cried upon hearing.
This speech , as far as I'm concerned, will go down in history not only as the most shining example of hypocrisy made paramount- but also the most perfect example of newspeak the world has ever known. Orwell would have had a spontaneous orgasm upon hearing it.

Nowadays it seems a Nobel peace prize is just a license to kill. Or so Obama would have you believe since he has killed more people with remote controlled drones than any other person on earth.
Armed with these new "marching orders" and his symbolic scepter of untouchability he now marches into any and every land he wants with or without a UN mandate or Congressional permission/declaration of war. Libya? Remember when Bush marched into Iraq without a UN mandate and the entire world broke out in spontaneous demonstrations of Guiness book proportions?
But it's OK, Obama's a democrat so "that's different"......

All this wasn't enough for him, so on the very last day of 2011, when everyone was sleeping (which is quite often in the senate) he signed the NDAA into law.

It defies belief, it hurts the jawbone to be so violently slammed to the floor, that the first 1/2 black president of the United States could sign such a blatant GESTAPO bill into law.

As an African-American, Civil rights and injustice should be this guy's middle name.
He should be hypersensitive to all violations of the kind.
Instead he has proven that he is a BANKER OWNED puppet.
This is the proverbial "salt in the wounds".
First the gay community was let down, then the black/African-American community, then every citizen of the United States now gets to experience the neo-gestapo.

He will forever be remembered as the president who signed the Gestapo bill into law.
"That black guy who enabled the neo-gestapo in AMERICA! Can you believe that!?"

Is this really happening in America?

Can an African-American professor of constitutional law really do this?

Is this the dream Martin Luther King had of a better America?

The Neo-Communist Nobility

How can ANYONE possibly support this ultimate personification of EVIL?

Mr.President -  George Washington would spit in your face right now, and your bankster masters have made a fool of you.

The next election - this November - I am going to write in "Adolf Hitler" for president.
At least he never lied.

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