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Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Cops

  I do not understand the men that do not want to evolve…
A man wants to earn his own living, live off of the land, be independent, and then when he is  done with his "daily" work, he wants to create something with his own two hands.
Something of value, something of lasting significance. A man wants to evolve to higher levels and create something it in literature, arts, crafts, motorsport, whatever.
I do not understand people who do not have this desire, either because they weren't born with the brains or capacity to, or they voluntarily decide to stay at the moron level.
These are the guys who later become cops so that they can beat up on people. I am constantly dumbfounded at the huge percent of the world's population that is full of these brainless morons who refuse to personally develop themselves.

At least these two scumbags got put in jail - albeit late...

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