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Monday, May 7, 2012


What is change?
We have the power to change the world, but we "can't" because we are not willing to change our lifestyle in the smallest way.

It’s really that simple!

Too simple for you? Let me explain:

I am sick of hearing all these people bashing the banks,
Bashing politicians,
Bashing “The Rich”,
Bashing the left, right, republicans, democrats, socialists, liberals, conservatives, the welfare system, freeloaders etc. ad nauseum...


That’s it basically right there. We are voluntarily giving them our power.
When we study addiction and basic psychology, the first thing we learn is that every addiction has an enabler.
This can be re-formulated to: EVERY PROBLEM HAS AN ENABLER.

In the cases above – the government, the banks, etc, WE ARE THE ENABLER!

We are the taxpayers. The government doesn’t exist without us.

So...we simply take the power away. Or better said, stop giving them our power, stop enabling them.
Like in Atlas Shrugged, the doers, the geniuses, the movers and the men of mind all just disappeared.
They took their power away...

So applied to us right now, let’s say the OWS movement and the “Banksters”- we all stop putting our money in banks!
We whine and bitch about the banksters, but then go every day to the bank and voluntarily put our money in it!
Wouldn’t it be the easiest thing to just stop putting our money in a bank? I know this sounds ridiculous at first, but think about it.
We are the enabler, all we have to do is take the power back. We would have to put our money somewhere else, under the bed, in a safe whatever.


And that’s why we don’t change.
We have the power to change, but won’t because we’ll have to change our lifestyle.
This is the paradox. We SAY we want change – but actually we don’t.
We don’t want change at all! And it’s our resistance to change which is rearing its ugly head right now and getting in our face!

We can easily change the world...

What if we stopped buying and using celphones?
I communicate over internet now, almost exclusively.
We would all have one monthly bill LESS and potential savings in the hundreds if not thousands per year!
BUT “They” don’t want us to think that way

What if we stopped putting our money in banks?
The banksters would be powerless and riots and demonstrations would be totally superfluous.

What if we refused to vote for one of the 2 big parties?
We would finally get some new wind in Washington.

                        And this is the saddest one of all.

Because we have the real power of change – RIGHT IN OUR HANDS- and refuse to use it!
We don’t need no stinking revolutions, we don’t need no demonstrations or riots!
All we have to do is vote...and it’s free!

But every 4 years we vote for one of the 2 big parties and ENABLE THEM!


Because “you don’t have a chance if you don’t vote for one of the 2 big powerfull parties”.
Nothing makes me more sick , then to hear that from all of my friends and co-workers!
This shows how well the media and the powers that be have been AT REPROGRAMMING US!
The truth is, that your candidate does have a chance, but ONLY IF YOU VOTE FOR HIM!
When you vote for someone because “they have a chance” you are throwing away your voice and undermining the democratic process!

But “They” wouldn’t have it any other way.

And now we are so firmly locked in a bipartisan system it disgusting and revolting.
Disgusting and revolting because it is totally voluntary, we enable “them” each and every year, from the bank, to the polling booth and right into our living room...

And it doesn’t have to be this way, all we have to do is vote for who we want, and that means WRITING in their name if necessary.
That’s the beauty of America, every ballot has a spot to write in the name of your choice. Almost no other country does this.

And still, we do not excercise our rights...

It’s like someone selling heroin to a junkie and then complaining that the guy is abusing drugs. Only in our case it is us giving the government boundless amounts of taxes, for them to sell our future generations to the debt machine they call “growth”.

The word “growth” is NEWSPEAK for PYRAMID SCAM or PONZI SCHEME!

Besides that, but how are we to live in harmony with the earth and nature , and our natural resources if we are based on “growth”?
You can’t have both!

However, back to “change” and Kaizen.
My formulation for Kaizen is thus:
Imagine breaking your change-goal down into such small steps that it is impossible to fail.
As long as you are going in the right direction, step after step, even if they are micro steps – it doesn’t matter- you’re on your way to success.

So the first step is putting yourself on that road, which in this case is the road to stop enabling the tormentors.

My personal contribution will be the disposal of my celphone.
In 6 months when the contract is up – it’s outta here! That’s one less bill for me, i.e. a potential savings of 50+ dollars a month! 600+ dollars a year!

This will require a lifestyle change, but I am already doing it. I communicate by facebook and email more than anything. If I really need to I have a landline.

I know, this will not bankrupt the government, but the point is:
We must take the first step and get on the road to change, then tackle one goal after the other no matter how small.

All we have to do is MAKE CHANGE A HABIT.

What if Sisyphus just let go of the rock?
Most of our problems are self-made. All we have to do is take our power back...

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