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Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Intercepted Conversation between Julian Assange's Lawyer and the Swedish Justice Ministry

J.A.'s Lawyer:
"My client is ready and willing to travel to Sweden for said court dates if the Swedish government agrees to guarantee my client that he will not be extradited to the United States of America."

Swedish Justice Ministry:
"No Comment"

J.A. - "What do you mean no comment?"
S.J.M. - "I am not allowed to confirm or deny that inquiry"

J.A.- "So has the United States government already submitted a request for extradition?"
S.J.M. - "No Comment"

J.A. - "You surely know if the United States has submitted a request!"
S.J.M. - "No comment"

[click - connection terminated]
ed. - it is not clear which party terminated the conversation.

It is not important either, what is important is that this is the actual conversation.
I know you will not believe it, and I will not try to convince you.
The U.S. government is going to deny this anyway so it is in no way possible for any outsiders to ever know the validity of these transmissions.
Let's just say it's as if we got a direct line on the NSA's own eves dropping devices/system.
But this is nothing knew, it's been there for over 20 years now (!).

The absurdity of all this is absolutely appalling.
What right does the United States have to extradite Julian Assange!?
What right does the U.S. have to extradite ANYONE!?
Could you imagine the Russian government extraditing a United States citizen?
America has become so arrogant it's disgusting.

To underline this absurdity let's just take a quick look at "pings" shall we?
One of the favorite tricks of the DOD and other US agencies is to re-route "foreign" pings through US servers in order to claim jurisdiction.
This is absolutely absurd!
This is EXACTLY how the US is operating against Kim Dotcom.
A wire transfer from a New Zealand Bank, which was headed for a European bank was rerouted -by the request of the DoD- through a US server in Chicago.
The "ping" from the New Zealand server was "on" the United States server in Chicago for - now get this - one MICROSECOND...!!!
This is apparently enough for the US to claim jurisdiction over said transfer and therefore Kim Dotcom! Are you fucking kidding me!?!?
If this is how our government operates - I want nothing to do with it! This is truly criminal - on the government's side!
The point is thus -
we are all criminals , at any given time, at any given point, all depending on how the government wants to define things.
None of us are safe in such a country with this kind of government and powers that be.
This is no longer the United States of America.
I think the United States of Soviet Socialist Republic would be a better title.

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