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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Merkel's Big Fail - In Germany Dogs Have More Rights Than Children

Angela Merkel just missed her golden opportunity to re-instill principles in her country and politics at the same time.
A German judge ruled that circumcision is unlawful.
This initiated a great uproar in the Muslim and Jewish communities.

Instead of standing by the judge and supporting him, she chose to bow down to her masters and do their bidding.

"It's cleaner"

This leads to a massive paradox or as I like to say "cognitive dissonance"; namely that of animal rights versus human rights.

"Illegal in Germany - because it's cruel"

In Germany it is ILLEGAL – VERBOTEN to crop a dog's tail or ears or other body parts.
It is against the law because it is a violation of the animal's rights and it is considered mutilation.
Owners of Dobermans take their dogs over the border to Holland where cropping is performed routinely.
However the practice is looked down upon by most Germans and dog owners ... peer pressure.

But it is OK to mutilate a child?
I consider circumcision a violent and bestial CRIMINAL ACT parallel with rape.

"It's OK - babies don't feel pain"

It is strange how Amnesty International and hundreds of other bleeding heart groups in the world scream bloody murder about female circumcision in Africa and have mounted huge media campaigns and crusades to stop this.
But when it comes to male infantile circumcision there is suddenly a deafening silence!

"You are closer to God now"
"Gee thanks dad!"

Are we afraid of the backlash of the Jewish and Muslim communities?

"We've been doing this for two thousand years"

What ever happened to change?


When questioned about this practice the Jewish and Muslim communities chime in shocking harmony: "We've been doing this for over two thousand years!"

This is for me not an excuse, but more of an admittance of stupidity.

To keep on doing something just because:
·         My daddy did it
·         We've been doing it for 2,000 years
·         Now you're a man
·         It's my religion
·         Etc ad nauseum
Is called "stupidity".

"It's God's order"
"Son of Abraham"

Two thousand years ago we sacrificed human lives to the weather gods to ensure a good harvest
Two thousand years ago we scribed runes on a piece of wood or bone and threw it into the lake to cure back pain
Two thousand years ago we opened our veins and let our blood to cure...basically anything and everything
Two thousand years ago we drilled holes in our heads to alleviate headaches
Two thousand years ago we strangled virgins and threw them in the "holy moor" for the gods
Two thousand years ago we were ordered by god to sacrifice OUR FIRSTBORN SON!

Is this not incredibly stupid, shocking and unbelievable at the same time?!
And now you are telling me that that's why we mutilate our babies?

Now let me tell you the real reason why we circumcise children, let me let you in on the "big secret"....
Here it is the big unspeakable tabu truth – the truth is...HOKUS  POKUS!

There is not one shred, iota, or inkling of reason - physical, scientific, or medical in support of circumcision!
It was hokus pokus in the beginning and it's hokus pokus now.
Just ask people why they do it the bullshit that they come up with.
"Now you are a man" and other religious reasons are some of the worst.

Why do I care?
I have a son.
When he was born I was faced with this decision.
I am now appalled that I even for a fraction of a second considered doing this to my son.
I was forced to confront my values, and principles.
It was a major paradigm change - in myself.
Why do it?
Where is the added value?
Even more important – do I want to do this to my son?
Isn't it better to give him the choice?
There is not one shred of ADDED VALUE in this practice.

As a manager in a big company I am being constantly imbued with "LEAN management", "Constant Improvement", "KAIZEN" etc. etc.
It is up to me to implement this stuff and one of the biggest filters or polarizing criteria is "added value".
Why do something if it does not add value?
Why do we do things at all?
Is it "nice to have" or necessary?
If something does not have added value, I do not do it...period.
It is a waste of time, resources, budget, manpower etc.
At home and at work, we are constantly identifying waste and eliminating it – "constant improvement".

How do we change things and "make things better"?

Well you have to take a risk – you have to risk pissing off the status quo....that's change.

Change is not staying in the safe zone.

Angela Merkel chose to stay in the safe zone and do nothing – the easiest way out.
Sad too, because the opportunity is "golden".
Golden because someone else made the decision and in Germany they already have the laws forbidding the mutilation of dogs.
So all she had to do was choose "principles".
If A=B and B=C then C=A right?
2x2 is four right?

Well not for politicians...

Her excuse was "If we let this [judge's ruling] happen we will become the laughing stock of Europe!"
What? I have never heard of a weaker cop-out than that!

The message is clear:
In Germany dogs have more rights than children!



If the pictures and videos above aren't enough to put you off of the idea of circumcision - then please go to the link above. It is the most disgusting bestial perverted example I can offer you. 
A baby died by circumcision!
The "old way" is for the Mohel to suck on the incision to draw blood , right after cutting off  the foreskin.
Do you understand that really?
Can you really picture anything more perverted and out of this world?
A grown man is putting his mouth on a baby's penis and sucking the incision to draw blood!
This baby unfortunately caught herpes from the mohel- AND DIED BECAUSE A GROWN MAN SUCKED ON HIS FRESHLY CUT PENIS AND GAVE HIM THE HERPES VIRUS!!!!
I do not know how to express my disgust any more - this is the superlative of the superlative.
ANYONE, and I mean really ANYONE who can rationalize this kind of behavior in this day and age is just simply CRIMINAL and belongs in jail or a psyche ward!



  1. This is exactly the article I was looking for. Thank you. The German government is ridiculous. It loses all it´s credibility in my eyes. The Jews and Muslims ought to be ashamed of themselves. Germany as a whole repented for their atrocities, like Ninevah of old. When are the Jews and Muslims going to do the same?

    1. Thank you - much appreciated!
      Please help spread the truth...

  2. Thanks for your courageous efforts; could we use some of these pictures for a featured article in a Korean newspaper? As you know, Korean situation is very bad and weird;
    Regards, Dai-Sik Kim;