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Sunday, October 7, 2012


This is a perfect example of polarization.
The key is right there at the beginning "Guns Murdered".
I didn't know that guns had brains and could be held morally responsible for human acts.
You don't see these people making posters about "Cars Murdered" when it comes to drunk driving.
No, when a car "murders someone", they mysteriously put the driver in jail, not the car.
Strange isn't it?
The logic behind these anti-gunners is retarded at best.
Unfortunately, if we look at a large cross section of America, we will find a lot of people that believe this garbage.
These mentally retarded people are allowed to vote.
This is the problem with America - mentally retarded people are allowed to vote.
We call them democrats.
At this point I would like to apologize to any  people out there who might take offense, the autistic, the savants, the people with down syndrome,
I am not talking about you, "mentally retarded" has nothing to do with people who have an actual condition.
I am using "mentally retarded" to describe the people who have by all metrics and measurements in our "modern" society a full mental "faculty" or apparent set of mental skills - at least enough of them to warrant calling them "normal".

Now you take a person who meets all of the requirements of "normal" and give him/her a test:
Question 1:
Inanimate objects x, y, and z are used as murder weapons:
a) The object is evil and murders - it must be banned
b) This is an inanimate object - it is obviously the person who uses it who carries ultimate 
c) It depends on which object is used x, y, or z

Anybody who answers "a" or "c" it depends on which object is used - is emotionally unstable and most likely blind.
They are "mentally retarded".
Something is afflicting them, usually an extreme bout of democratitis or Liberalismus.*
The brain exists in their body and it responds to stimuli but it is otherwise dead to all reason.

Bob Hope also had a word for them - ZOMBIES!

*Democratitis and Liberalismus are now being lumped together in a new disease called "progressive syndrome" however at the time of this writing The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association has not yet been revised.

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