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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Supporters - Life in the Perpetual Subjunctive

Democrats - Life in a Fairy tale:

Today I must have heard the stupidest thing I have ever heard.
While talking with a friend – who is an Obama supporter – about why and how people can vote for him a second time
I exclaimed “Even my mother didn’t vote for Clinton the second time”, trying to give a superlative example of how an otherwise non-political person like my mother wouldn’t vote for a person twice based on 1.principles and 2.his performance.

To my surprise came the weakest, stupidest, most moronic and most senseless defense of a candidate I have ever heard;
“Well just think of how it would have been without [Obama] him!”

This reminds me of the “jobs saved” fantasy joke the Obamas are offering for a failed economy and job market.
Whenever confronted with facts, honest questions or simple truths – Obama flees into a fantasy world.
The magnificence of this “Life in the Subjunctive” is that it is not provable.

So “jobs saved” and “Just think of how it would have been without him!” both tap into the intangible to fabricate an unlosable face-saving argument.

However there is a problem with their logic ... it goes both ways.

The intangible “mystery” argument or criteria can be positive or negative.

I.e. it would have been BETTER without Obummer!

Additionally such fantasy arguments can also be imposed on all candidates – including Bush before him.
So in effect it is not an argument at all, it is an escape, a generic back to the wall – I have nothing more to say, all encompassing umbrella - last minute defence.

I would have laughed, but then I remembered – these people are allowed to vote...

Life in the perpetual subjunctive, just keep giving him four more years, it will get better someday...

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