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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Global Warming is the New Astrology

Global Warming, a "Wicked Problem" with added "Complexity":

Growth as crux:
All economies of the world and financial systems are based on "GROWTH".
Therefore the number one driving force behind all politics is also "growth".

GROWTH = UP  -mandated by our economic and financial system
Population = UP –mandated by "growth" see above
Consumption = UP – effect of growth + population see above
Pollution = UP(!) – direct effect of above mandates

Mathematical impossibility (challenge?):
How can a growing global economy of ever increasing population AND production AND consumption REDUCE CO2 and pollution i.e. OUTPUT?

Well the truth is ... it can't be.

If we take a serious look at the GROWTH PROJECTIONS by our most trusted politicians, the growth projections that are necessary to ensure that our system doesn't collapse – then it is impossible for a nation to grow at the projected rates AND consume less AND pollute less.

Unless of course some kind of miracle happens which magically reverses the effects of Newtonian physics.
I.e. we would have to force 2+2 = 5 or better said 2+2 = 3.

In other words – there is no way with the given parameters and criteria to pollute less and despite that - ensure enough growth to sustain our financial system.

So we are collectively
1.   Lying to ourselves about the realities of our self-created system
2.   In complete denial of reality i.e. 2+2=4

Now the challenge is to grow as an economy AND pollute less.
This is possible in the laboratory, but in real life it has proved impossible.
Our scientists have been very successful in making great new technologies which convert more energy more efficiently and produce less pollution BUT, 
and this is the crux ... 
all of these advances in efficiency and pollution reduction CANNOT REDUCE NET POLLUTION at the present projected growth rates!

So we are designed to fail.

Either we give up "growth" or we give up "consume less and pollute less" – they are mutually exclusive.

In face of the economic and financial problems – the politicians are forced to accept reality... and throw away this fantasy criteria+buzzword called "green" or "environment" or "CO2 reduction" or "pollute less" or "AGW" in favor of survival of their system of choice called "growth".

The problem is however, the politicians have already gotten hold of this new paranoia and realized a golden (literally golden for them) opportunity to CAPITALIZE on it!

A government can only do three things:
1.   Kill you / Bomb you
2.   Tax you
3.   Write more laws and regulations

So what is the result of the global warming paranoia?
  • Carbon taxes
  • carbon laws
  • carbon caps, etc.

The result of those taxes of course is that companies like Lehman, Goldman&Sachs and Citicorp are "enriched" with gold in the form or our taxes.

Like the  Global Warming Agenda, Astrology is also based on observable scientific facts:
·        Astrology
o   Planetary motion
o   Planetary positions
·        Global Warming Agenda
o   Mean global temperature drift

However, what our modern scientists fail to comprehend is that our modern science is a "Belief System".

We are naked emotional monkeys totally and completely ruled by emotions and cognitive biases.
"mind over heart" or "heart over mind".
No one really makes decisions with his mind and rational thinking alone.

Many years ago astrologers and astronomers argued about the consequences of the planet Mercury going retrograde.

They saw the apparent motion of Mercury "reverse" in the sky - hence the retrograde label.
This must have some kind of significance right?
When the closest planet to the sun reverses its direction!

Additionally, if all planets lined up – there was definitely a reason for it right?
Something of biblical proportions is about to happen!
It's totally obvious – look! The planets are lined up!
Like astrology, astronomy was also based on observable facts.
Somewhere along the line , reason and logic beat emotion and hyperbole and needless interpretations based on cognitive biases.
Astrology was put in the back drawer called "hokus pokus" and astronomy was elevated to our new belief system called "Science".
But is it really so?
When we look at our topic "AGW" or climate change or global warming, we see even the most proposedly logical and scientific human beings resorting to cognitive bias and emotion.
The very fact that there are several names for the emotional topic is proof that we are moving our "variable cognisance" around in a belief system.

Right now the politicians are appealing for the hyperbole that global warming is bad and we need more taxes to combat the temperature curve.
As if taxes ever had an effect on that!

Some scientists are saying – "BE RATIONAL", a two degree increase in temperature is what? Answer – a two degree increase in temperature. Nothing more nothing less.
No reason to fight about the interpretation.

The effects of a one or two degree temperature rise have never been determined to be "BAD"!

Another group of scientists are just simply keeping their mouths shut because they are getting paid to be on a research project and are glad to have  a job.

But just like in the movie "The Life of Brian", we emotional humans are just positively convinced that global warming is bad and we are heading over the edge of the world!
With idiot German producers making movies like the day after tomorrow and politicians all too eager to raise taxes and make new budgets and programs for their companies and cronies – it seems the truth and rational thinking will never have a chance.

·        Galileo
o   Challenged the contemporary belief system of his time
o   and even tried to appease it and "fit" his heliocentric model into it.
o   To no avail – the belief system(the church) won and Galileo had to be punished for his "crime".
·        Don't think it can happen today – think we're different and more rational and enlightened now?
o   Have you heard of the seven Italian scientist who were sentenced for misrepresenting earth-quake data?

You call this unbiased science?

The scientists have become our modern druids.

Whatever happened to
Critical thinking
Newton's flaming laser sword?

I'll tell you what happened - they never existed.
They only exist in the laboratory and scientific journals.
In the real world we are governed by irrational emotion.

In German we say "Glauben ist nicht wissen".
Belief is not knowledge.
I always counter with "Glauben ist stärker als wissen".
Belief/Faith is stronger than knowledge.
Hence Galileo having to bend to his religious masters' will.
Hence the fact that astrology is in every newspaper and website and magazine to be found - even to this day.
Hence the global influence of Islam.
Hence scientists and other "critical thinkers" who vote for Obama because he is "for science" - even though he cancelled the moon program.

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