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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Hollow Man Wins Again - Tee Tum!

Four more years of empty chair leadership…

But really folks, we should not be “Obama bashing” – for he is nothing but a reflection of the society he is in.

So what do you do with a nation of idiot sheep that respond to buzzwords, lies, fake promises and nothing but pure emotion?

What do you do with a nation of self deceiving idiots who think you can pay off one credit card with another and keep going this way into oblivion?
Seriously - the Democrat party is the most amazing party!
In what other party can you downright lie cheat and steal, not live up to one single campaign promise, do exactly the opposite of your promises, spout out a bunch of marxist bullshit, deport more Mexicans than any other president before you and STILL get re-elected AND win the Latino vote!?
I don't know why the republicans aren't going over to the democrats in droves!
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could split the country?
The states that want republican leadership get it, and the ones that want democratic leadership get it too.
BUT under one circumstance – you are not allowed to move.
Then let the experiment run – see what happens – which states prosper which ones don’t.
The citizens have to stay in the state to suffer or reap the consequences.

There are two problems with this kind of A/B testing:

1.It has already been done – why should we have to do this AGAIN!?
  • Cuba
  • DDR
  • China
  • Russia
  • and the list goes on...
2.After a certain amount of time – the liberal/socialist cancer would eat its way into the healthy states.

And this is the real problem; Liberalism/Progressivism*/Communism are CANCERS that come from within the organism.

They start with deceiving oneself, literally lying to oneself.

The best analogy is your own family or household.

If your little nine year old daughter comes home from school one day with a kitten she found on the street we have the catalyst already.

What do you do?
  1. Make her get rid of the cat – appeal to reality – logos – tough love – the laws of nature - the right – the hard truth – paternal - hard
  2. Keep the cat – appeal to pathos – the heart – sympathy – compassion – the left – maternal – soft
So what are the consequences of such actions?

  • It can spiral out of control
  • What do you do the next day when she sees another homeless kitten?
  • How many kittens can you take on?
  • There are literally thousands of kittens out there – where do you set the limit?
  • Inevitably – at some point you have to say “NO – we already have five hundred kittens , there’s no more room or money to support them anymore!”

Or you can just say “No” in the beginning and never let the downward spiral start.

The interesting thing is – no matter how soft or compassionate you are – you have to at some point admit to reality and START REJECTING kittens.

So you’re only nice as long as you can afford it.

And that’s communism/socialism/liberalism in a nutshell:
You can spout out any bullshit philosophy you want as long as you can afford it.
Once you’re poor it’s over.
Unfortunately it’s too late because you’re broke – the result of you not facing the truth in the beginning and TRYING TO TAKE MOTHER NATURE’S LAWS OUT OF THE EQUATION.

So why do we have to keep doing this perpetual A/B testing when the test results are already in – and they've been in for hundreds of years now!?

The neo-communists and marxist liberal democrat dreamers and other dipsticks have been able to spout this crap because we as a nation could afford it.

And why could we afford it? Because we are capitalist.

There is no stronger system than capitalism.

It is the grandest of all enablers.

It is nature’s laws.

Nature’s laws are not nice – they are unforgiving.

Now here’s the cool part; we can also have health care and a social net without being socialists!
You do not have to implement a socialist government or socialism to have a safety or social net.
You just have to want it and do it – Capitalism will enable it.

And there’s the crux yet again.

With capitalism you have to get off your ass and do something.

With socialism you can just sit there and smoke your weed at home and hold your hand out – while father state puts a check in your hand.

Not my type of people,
Not my type of society,
Not my vision for the world we live in...

For leaders to be effective, they need to connect with people.
All great leaders recognize this truth and act on it almost instinctively.
You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion.[1]
Obama definitely connected on an emotional level, but that’s all.
And..that’s just the first step – a leader needs to do more than just tell the American people a story – or narrative.

But at first the dreamers and idealists have won, and I congratulate them.

Goodbye America – see you in the unemployment line!
Question – which line do the bankers stand in when we are finally bankrupt as a nation?
Remember the movie Eric the Viking?
When Atlantis starts sinking – the people assemble themselves around their leader and simply deny reality singing “Tee Tum” all the way down...

Eric got on his ship and left ... can we?

Tee Tum! Tee Tum!

*Since when did “Progressive” become synonymous with the Liberals?! The democrats are really trying to tap into some Teddy Roosevelt – but his idea of progressivism was not at all what these modern liberal progressives are.

1. Doug Marshall – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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