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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The EU Shows Its True Colors - Enteignungs Union

Cypress is in the headlines 24/7 now - and it should be.
The government is stealing their money.
It is so plain and simple for everyone to see now, and it is impossible to call it anything else...
But wait! That's exactly what the EU czars are doing!
Witness Angela Merkel and her circle of Cuckolds rationalizing thievery!
Now we see the true face of the EU - just another criminal organization, spreading global communism and stealing peoples' money and livelihoods.
It is truly sickening to see these high sitting demagogues and dealers of death - and plain thieves of the highest level - rationalize their doings on TV.
It is all for the EU "fiscal safety fund" or "Rettungsschirm" in German - literally "safety umbrella".
To insure the EU states against another bailout á la Greece - or whoever is next - it is necessary to establish a "safety fund".
Where are they going to get the money?
Well if they can't rob, steal, or extort the money through taxes, fees, and levies, they will just take it - right out of your hand.
They are calling it a levy in Cypress - but the naked truth is there for the whole world to see and there is no way that they can change that or cover it up this time.
The fact that the top assholes in the world indeed are in TV trying to do exactly that - and rationalize and relativize their thievery, is just more sickening on top of sickening.
In German "EU" now stands of "Enteignungs Union" - basically it means "dispossession" as in when the government takes something from you by use of eminent domain laws.

EU  - ENTEIGNUNGS UNION - it fits perfectly...

Neo-communism , global communism, whatever you want to call it.
By the way, it is not the first time that this has happened.
The criminals at the top are indeed creative in their ways.
After World War II, Germany was in bad shape.
The Government needed to fill its coffers again.
What did they do?
They simply raised the property taxes by 200% and made the landowners bleed.
They got the money where the money was ... pure and simple.
The more you observe a big government, the more it resembles a criminal in every way.
Criminals do not linger around small towns where there is no booty.
They target big cities - where the picking is ripe.
Indeed, sadly, it seems all the governments of the western world now fit the criminal profile amazingly accurately.

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