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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Neo-Communist Feinstein, at it again...

How can the people of California keep electing such disgusting neo-communists like Feinstein as their senator!?
 These guys are heroes -Rand Paul and Ted Cruz - THE LAST AMERICANS!
Witness Ted Cruz questioning the disgusting Neo-Communist Feinstein in video above.
It is the perfect example of the modus operandi of all Democrats. Notice she does not answer the question! Instead she flees to an emotional world to totally skirt the question, appeal to pathos, and rationalize her actions. Typical Democrat Liberal Idealist BULLSHIT! And these Bastards are our "Lawmakers".

Here is another interesting tid-bit, the gun used in the emotional laden incident which Mrs.Feinstein always cites - was a police issue revolver! Why isn't she trying to ban them?
"White then quickly walked to his former office, reloading his police-issue revolver with hollow-point bullets along the way, and intercepted Milk, asking him to step inside for a moment. Dianne Feinstein heard gunshots and called the police. She found Milk face down on the floor, shot five times, including twice in the head at close range."
 But once again, the fingers point straight back at us, for who elects these scumbags? These neo-communist dealers of death?

Do you want to know the real hypocrisy in this all? The reason why Dianne Feinstein qualifies as being one of the biggest bastards of all time?

Because she is one of the biggest supporters and partakers in the Military Industrial Complex!
This disgusting woman owns with her husband some of the biggest private military corporations in the United States. THEY MAKE MONEY IN WAR! Their companies were some of the top ten subcontractors to the US military in the Iraq war, from operation Desert Storm, to Enduring Freedom to Operation-Whatever-comes-next, this "woman" and her husband PROFIT REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME OF THE WAR! 

Now this woman wants to ban guns because of her emotional involvement in gun crimes and her personal experiences in crime scenes. YEA, whenever anyone asks her about her Anti-Constitutional intentions - she will invariably talk about her experience of Harvey Milk's murder.

That was tragic, that was sad, it was criminal, in every sense of the word, but it IS NOT the basis for law. When forming new laws emotion must be taken out of every facet of the process. Emotion has nothing to seek in law.

Our California Politician is such a warmongering neo-communist hypocrite that even the Wikipedia article "WAR PROFITEERING" uses her as the most shining example!
The Center for Public Integrity has reported that US Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum, are making millions of dollars from Iraq and Afghanistan contracts through his company, Tutor Perini Corporation.[7] [8]Feinstein voted for the resolution giving President George W. Bush the authority to invade Iraq.
And this "woman", our elected representative,  wants to "make things better" banning guns in the United States while dealing death in other countries?
This should be enough to make anyone sick to their stomach - hypocrisy made paramount!
"Politicians" ...

Dear Mrs. Feinstein,
next time you want to get all emotional and start pulling heart strings about gun violence and Harvey Milk's murder  why don't you go to Iraq and visit some families there who have lost children at the hands of your Private Military Company?

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