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Monday, September 17, 2012

CPS - the Gestapo Arm of Big Gov' - Child Protection Services

Our police state – known as the united states of America, of course does not call its gestapo the gestapo.
Instead we have many gestapos and conveniently as many Acronyms.

The scary thing about this is that all of these government agencies have REAL GESTAPO POWER - the power to kill you at will or take your children away.

The dangerous ENABLER is known as „anonymous caller" or „anonymous tip".

Another form of this is now known as "SWATING".

Anyone can call in an "anonymous tip".
Is it real or fake?
It is impossible for the government agent to know or check this – so he must default to YES – it is real.
The same principle as a bomb threat – every bomb threat is taken as a positive- a real threat by default.

...the power to take your children away.
Yes – this is sadly true – it is the sad state of our nation that we live in right now in this very moment.

See for example:

And here is a great website about How to fight CPS:

Adolf Hitler:
This boy was illegally removed from his family because a nosy neighbor did not like his name – so he reported it per "anonymous tip" to a nosy government social worker who also didn't like his name.
Funny because the social worker is Jewish.
It begs the question "what if his name was Karl Marx , or Stalin, or Kim Jong Il?"
The only answer is – because a government worker felt offense at something – he decided to play god and take a child way from his family.
One of the most evil and disgusting examples of "Big Gov".
The same exact case actually exists in South America.
Adolf Hitler in South America however is already 20+ years old and has grown up. He has lead, believe it or don't, a surprisingly normal life in his country.
It seems his country does not have the same power structures and gestapo as ours.

This family had their child wrongfully removed AT GUNPOINT from the local gestapo – CPS – Child Protection Services
They later pressed charges against the state government and won!
They won a landslide decision which was later reduced due to "budget constraints".
It really makes you think "WHAT KIND OF A COUNTRY ARE WE LIVING IN?"
It is harrowing to think, what if that was another family, maybe a family which believes in self-defense?
When a band of criminals comes to your door at 4 am in the morning , in black uniforms and no visible badges (hmmm- sounds like our police doesn't it?) – do you defend yourself and your family? Do we have the 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves – with guns if need be?
After the SWAT teams kills everyone in the house, the "meatwagon" is ordered to do the clean-up.
Then a barage of goverment workers and "ministry of truth" experts are put to work to do the PR –political relations and media clean up.

Brenda Scott, in her 1994 book Out of Control: Who's Watching Our Child Protection Agencies, criticizes CPS, stating, "Child Protective Services is out of control. The system, as it operates today, should be scrapped. If children are to be protected in their homes and in the system, radical new guidelines must be adopted. At the core of the problem is the antifamily mindset of CPS. Removal is the first resort, not the last. With insufficient checks and balances, the system that was designed to protect children has become the greatest perpetrator of harm."[16]

The Mafia and the Government are exactly the same.
They are nothing but POWER STRUCTURES – when you seriously challenge these power structures – they will kill you – quickly-efficiently and in cold blood.
See Lincoln and  Kennedy
There is no difference at all , the only difference is that the American government thinks and proposes still to be "the good guys".
The Mafia is HONEST, they say they are crooks, they are known as "crooks" – if you mess with them, there's a consequence – period.
The American government however is not to be trusted.
The US has no principles – people with no principles are constantly changing the rules to fit their argument and get them out of juxtapositions.
It is impossible to deal or have honest relationships with such "people" – YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE.
Once you get close to winning – they will change the rules and "make" you the loser.
Kind of like the frequent flyer programs – once you get close to winning a free flight – they change requirements so you need even more points to "win" a free flight.

If you think you are exempt, and are complacent in this cause – then please think again.
It can happen to you at lightening speed – any time, any place.

I write this because it happened to me.
My four year old son was overheard by a government worker to say something questionable.
The government worker did not understand what he said, so working by the book, she defaulted to YES it is a threat – and called in an official investigation.
A government "social" worker came to my house to interview my son.
Surprise inspection.
I got an official letter from the worker that the investigation was unfounded – false etc.

This was bad enough – that the government has the power to pop a surprise inspection.
If the interview went bad- they would have taken my son away.
It is horrifying to think how close we were to  a situation – all because a self righteous "holier than thow" social worker felt like she should interfere.

It takes a village to raise a child – and the American government is the only power structure capable of making this decision – YOU ARE NOT allowed.
And even worse – you have no recourse to the law. If you try it – you will be marginalized due to budget constraints.

By what morality?
Laws have frequently been proven to be wrong
Laws are frequently modified or changed to reflect a new mentality or trend.
Laws are not truth
Laws are interpreted by a Lawyer – and you suffer the consequences
The Truth cannot be interpreted, changed, or modified
That's the difference between law and truth
Usually –  "law" is the furthest thing from the truth

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