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Monday, September 10, 2012

How Big Gov "Creates" Jobs

 Politician X  creates a new government agency or department,
  • BATF
  • DEA
  • Department of Homeland Security
In order to pay for this new department - guess what? 
Taxes have to be created!
Afterwards Politician X can say "I created 20,000 new* jobs!", but in reality he didn't "create" anything. All he did was put his cronies on the government payroll - i.e. budget. 
Later on the budget will have to be "adjusted" to fit the new "projections".
 All this time the taxpayer has to enable the whole scam. 
Government jobs are just that, more people on the taxpayers'  back.

Government jobs are not real jobs! 

The government doesn't produce anything, it lives off of the taxes of others.

A college kid once asked me, "yeah but government workers pay taxes too, right?"

Right, they do, but there is no such thing as a "boot strap" mechanism for the government.
The government exists AFTER the people create things and become populous. 
There was never in the history of the world a government BEFORE the people came.

Seen from a more schematic point of view, the governor is a device which feeds off of the main circuits, a tiny minuscle amount of power to perform its functions.

If we use the analogy of a steam engine, you have this huge coal burner and steam kessel(Industry,private sector, etc.) which boils the water and produces steam(our economy) which then drives the pistons and then the wheels.

The governor(government) is a little tiny centrifugal device which amounts to about .01 percent of the weight of the entire locomotive and draws even less power(money/taxes) from the kessel to regulate.

The governor(government) cannot make it's own steam(commerce, trade, money) , the coal burner and kessel have to do that.

Without the coal burner and kessel - the governor cannot exist.

It is not a chicken and egg analogy - but more of a parasite and host analogy.

A tick can also donate blood, but where did it get it from?

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