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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Muslim Terrorist Meets AR-15. AR-15 1:0 Terrorist

I love the simple logic of the liberal left:
 - they say "If we limit the capacity of semi-automatic rifle magazines - that could prevent the next school massacre" - - simple ... right? 
Well we can easily apply that to Muslim terrorists:
"If we limit the amount of muslims allowed to immigrate into our country - we could prevent the next bombing - right.....?"
"Oh that's different!"
Will be the knee-jerk reflex of your liberal friend.
How is it different?
You propose a limit on magazines that will only target the law abiding "good" gun owners - effectively rendering their weapons ineffective!
The same can be done with muslim immigrants, it doesn't matter that not all of them are "bad" - you limit them all, just like you are imposing on the entire population of gun owners, you impose on the entire population of muslims, not discriminating between good or bad - just impose a limit on all - problem solved!

Boy am I glad such smart people are running our government!

Dear AR-15 makers:
Thank you! AR-15's are as American as apple pie!

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